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Tools and Documentation

3D printing and laser cutters

PDMS processing and Microfluidics Tools

Microscopes, measurement and inspection tools

Metalworking and woodworking tools

Electronics tools

Tool Location Training SOP
Xytronic LF-853D soldering station IW 2448
Oscilloscope IW 2448
Power Supplies IW 2448
Digital Volt Meter IW 2448

Deposition (silane and Sonoplot)

Tool Location Training SOP
Sonoplot Multimaterial Writer mFL 3430
Vapor Silanation Rig mFL 3430 Vapor Silanation Rig SOP
PRIMO Cleanroom
Pipette Cutter mFL 3430

Packaging and assembly (alignment tool, punch, fitting assembly tool)

Tool Location Training SOP
Arbor Press IW 2448
Optical Alignment Tool mFL 3430
Hot Press mFL 3430
Droplet Workstation mFL 3430
Laser Welder mFL 3430
Corning 6795-620D Hot PlatemFL 3430

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