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Tools and Documentation

Tools That Require Training

3D Printers

PDMS Processing

Metalworking & Woodworking


Other Available Tools

Microfluidics Tools

Heating Tools

Microscopes, Measurement and Inspection Tools

Tool Location
Olympus AX-70 in storage
Electronic Scales uFL 3430 & IW 2448
Height Gauge uFL 3430
Fisher Acumet pH MeteruFL 3430
Thermal Camera IW 2448
Boroscope IW 2448
Phantom VR211 High Speed CamerauFL 3430
Canon Camera IW 2448
Nikon Camera IW 2448
Optical Alignment Tool uFL 3430

Metalworking and woodworking tools

Tool Location
Mini Drill Press IW 2448
Jig Saw IW 2448
Arbor Press IW 2448
Laser Welder uFL 3430

Electronics tools

Post-Processing for 3D Prints


Tool Location
CriCutIW 2448
EinScan-SP 3D ScannerIW 2448
LaminatorIW 2448

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