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Frequently asked Questions

How can I get a part made?

You can either submit a job to be completed by our workshop wizards, or sign up to be trained on the tool you would like to make your part on. Once you have completed our new user orientation and are trained on a tool, you can come use it as you please. You must reserve this use on FBS and report any materials used.

To submit a job, visit Job Submission Google Form

To sign up for trainings, including the new user orientation, visit Training Request Google Form

What Printer Should I Use?

Drop-off / Pick-up box information

Located behind Elings hall by the bike rack, the drop box contains many smaller bins within; the Innovation Workshop and mFL lab specific bin is located in the front left corner of the sample drop box. Be sure anything placed within the drop box is labeled with both the drop off user's name, as well as the name of the lab receiving the sample. The sample drop box is locked with a padlock, please contact for access to the drop box.

What do I do if my access card doesn't work?

If your access card has stopped working, you may need to renew your swipe access. Please renew your access at the following link, only available on the campus network: CNSI Access Form

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