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The CNSI Workshops are comprised of the Microfluidics Lab in 3430 Elings Hall and the Innovation Workshop in 2442 & 2448 Elings Hall. The Microfluidics Lab is used primarily by researchers building microfluidic devices, while the Innovation Workshop has a broader set of users including students, staff, and faculty who need access to a more traditional makerspace. Follow the links in the sidebar to explore the capability of the labs and to learn how to become a user.

This Wiki has information about: becoming a workshop user; safety, reference, and training information for the workshop tools; Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); chemical safety references; and other generally useful reference material for working productively in the CNSI Workshops.

Workshop wizards are undergraduate students who maintain the labs, provide training to users, design new tools, and build parts for users. Dr. Brian Dincau is the workshop manager. Please feel free to contact any of us with questions or ideas that you want to discuss.

Lab Announcements


The Trotec laser cutter has been restored, and may now be used again. After a thorough cleaning, we replaced the honeycomb bed and airjet lines. We also performed a few routine test cuts to make sure that the lens and positional accuracy were not affected.


There was a small fire on the Trotec laser cutter over the weekend. The laser cutter is currently blocked from reservations in FBS and cannot be used. We will inspect & clean the tool on Monday morning and provide another update.


Have you ever wondered which resin printer is best for your application? Check out our new little study - Resolution Limits and Print Quality for Resin Printers , where we compare the resolution limits of our Objet30 and Form3 printers.


Starting April 1st, a reservation will be required for any and all lab use. Recharge will no longer be tied to door swipes, thus your compliance will be essential for accurate usage tracking and billing. If you are unfamiliar with making reservations in FBS, please see our tutorial and contact bdincau@ucsb with any questions or concerns.


Please take a moment to review the upcoming changes to our recharge rates.

Job Submission Google Form
The job submission form allows you to upload files or request correspondence to get a part made by our workshop wizards.

Training Request Google Form
The training request form includes the new user orientation, which is required to become a user of these labs.

Access to the Workshops
Please visit this page for information about becoming a new user and gaining card-key access to the labs.

Contact Information

Please reach out to Brian and/or the workshop wizards with questions or concerns about the lab and its tools!

Lab Manager

Brian Dincau: Elings 3217;; (805) 724-0426‬

Workshop Wizards








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