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The Microfluidics Lab and Innovation Workshops use FBS for reservations and billing.

Login to FBS here: Schedule button in FBS

Click on the “Schedule” button after logging in to see a list of reservable tools.

We require that you make a reservation to use our tools. This helps us keep track of billing and lets us know who to contact if the job you were running fails. It also ensures that the tool you are planning to use will be available for you when you come into the lab. Finally, reservations provide us with invaluable data regarding tool usage to help us plan for maintenance and upgrades.

For 3D prints, run the estimator on an appropriate 3D printing software (Ultimaker:Cura, Formlabs:PreForm, both free to download) on your computer before you come in, report the amount of material it says you will use, and make your reservation for the amount of time it says it will take to print. For other printers, it's fine to estimate your print time at the printer, as long as your remember to complete the reservation and log all consumables.

Reservation Enforcement

Beginning April 1st of 2023, if you are found to be using the labs without a reservation, you will be sent a written warning and a reminder to always make a reservation. For repeat offenses, your swipe access to the labs will be suspended.

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