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Ozone Cleaner Training SOP

Haley Holcomb 8/26/22


The ozone cleaner is located inside the fume hood closest to the Objet printer in the Microfluidics Lab in Elings Hall 3430.


  • Check with lab staff before using the chamber for anything besides bonding PDMS to glass.
  • Make sure the chamber is sealed before use.,
  • Ozone is a heath hazard - use inside fume hood.
  • Never dissemble or modify this unit.

Operating Procedures

  1. Place substrates on platform in chamber,
  2. Check the height of the substrates using the green tape on the ruler - Do not skip this step. A UV bulb is easily broken and costs $3,000.
  3. Close the chamber lid.
  4. Turn on the UV lamps by hitting the start switch.
  5. Remove your substrates after the 10 minute timer is up.
  6. Clean the chamber platform if necessary.
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