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Access to the Workshops

The CNSI's Microfluidics Lab and Innovation Workshop are open to all researchers at UCSB. We accomodate as many student project teams (Capstone, New Ventures, Bren EcoE, ….) as possible. The labs are also available to off campus users (contact Brian Dincau,

New User Orientation & Tool Training

Completion of the new user orientation is required before obtaining card-key access to the CNSI Workshops. This is followed by training on the tools that you would like to use.

Sign up for training using this form (REQUIRED).

Since these labs operate on recharge, please make sure you know your accounting string and project code for billing purposes. You must know this information in order to fill out the required new user form.

New user form (REQUIRED)

Required UC Lab Safety On-line Training Class

The University requires that everyone working in a laboratory complete an online class through the learning center, “UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals Initial”. A refresher is required every three years. Your cardkey access request will not be approved until there is proof that you have completed the training.

Here are the instructions for signing up for the class:

  1. Search for Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety.
  2. Start and complete the online course. Even if you have already completed the initial course, you may need to complete the refresher on a yearly basis.
  3. Send a copy of the completion certificate to

Note for undergraduates: if you are not able to log into the learning center, please contact your PI/advisor who can get the system to send you an invitation to enroll.

Card Key Access

After training completion, card key access to the Workshop may be requested using the card key access form below. You can only access this form on the campus network or VPN.

The Microfluidics Lab is Room 3430 and the Innovation Workshop is Room 2448. Also remember to request access to the exterior doors. If you want access as fast as possible, please only request these rooms and save other room requests for a separate submission.

Before filling out the card key access form, make sure you have:

  1. Filled out the new user form
  2. Completed the new user orientation
  3. Emailed Dr. Brian Dincau proof of completion of the UC lab safety course

Card key access form

By default faculty, staff, graduate students and post-docs receive 24/7 access, and undergraduates start with M-F, 8-5 access. Undergraduates can request extended access.

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