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Form Wash Cleaner

Form Wash Cleaner
Tool Type: “Formlabs alcohol cleaner”
Location: “Innovations Workshop”
Supervisor Tool Lead
David Bothman “WW Name”
(805) 893-4125 (###) ###-#### “WW Email”
Description: “Formlabs post print alcohol cleaning station”
Manufacturer: “Formlabs”


The Form Wash is a post processor for the Form 2 resin 3D printers. Using an alcohol bath, build trays and/or parts can be loaded into the Form Wash where all uncured resin from the surface of the prints is removed.

Detailed Specifications

  • Max part size: 14.5 x 14.5 x 17.5 cm
  • 8.6 L IPA to fill completely

Safety Concerns

Form Wash contains large amounts of IPA, a flammable solvent. Form wash should only be operated within a fume hood away from any possible sources of heat of sparks. Filling the Form wash should only be done by a Workshop Wizard within the fume hood.

Operating Procedures

  1. Remove build platform from Form 2 3D printer, making sure to keep Tupperware under print to prevent drips
  2. Wake the Form Wash using the large dial located bottom right of the front face, select “OPEN”
  3. Load the build platform or optionally remove prints from build platform and load into Form Wash basket.
  4. Using the dial select the desired amount of time, click “START”
  5. When the wash is complete, Remove parts and/or build tray, and select “SLEEP”.

NOTE: When the Form Wash in complete, the lid will automatically open, allowing alcohol to evaporate. Before leaving, make sure Form Wash is shut. DO NOT LEAVE AFTER STARTING FORM WASH!!!

Reference Documentation

Training Documentation

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