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Xytronic LF-853D Soldering Station

Soldering Station
Tool Type: Electronics/joining tool
Location: Innovation Workshop
Description: Soldering iron
Manufacturer: Xytronic


  • This tool is used to melt solder with its soldering iron or hot air station. This multi function rework station has a max heat output of 900W and can be used for hot air, soldering, and desoldering.
  • Safety Glasses, long pants, and closed-toed shoes must be worn in the workshop.

Safety Concerns

High Heat Hazard - This tool generates heat! Do not set directly on bench, do not leave tool operating without supervision. Do not touch the solder iron tip or heat gun tip.

Noxious Fumes - Solder fumes contain vaporized flux (rosin) and may contain trace heavy metals. These fumes can cause discomfort for some, and long-term exposure can manifest as adverse health effects, such as acute asthma. It is recommended to use one of the bench-top fume exhausts while soldering.

Operating Procedures

  • Secure the workpiece using the soldering hands.
  • Heat the joint/wire to be soldered.
  • Apply solder to the joint/wire using the soldering iron. Apply heat until the temperature of the iron equilibrates.
  • Remove the iron from the joint. Use the desoldering braid located in the soldering supply bin if desoldering is needed.
  • If you are new to soldering and could use some tips, please contact the workshop staff or workshop manager, who would be happy to assist you.

Detailed Specifications

Normal Operation: 300-360 C
Temperature Range: 150-480 C

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