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Grizzly bench Combo Disk/Belt Sander

Tool Type: “”
Location: “Innovations Workshop”
Supervisor Tool Lead
David Bothman “WW Name”
(805) 893-4125 (###) ###-#### “WW Email”
Description: “Combo Sander”
Manufacturer: “Grizzly”


This bench top combination belt grinder and disk sander can be used for squaring up and cleaning up stock, but should not be used for bulk material removal as the thin belts are quickly abraded. Use a machinist square to square up the guides if sharp 90 degree corners are desired. Wood, plastic, and non ferrous metals are easily sanded. Hard materials should not be used with this tool because they abrade the sandpaper quickly.

Detailed Specifications

Belt Size: 1 x 42 inch
Disk Size: 8 inch diameter

Safety Concerns

Thin material can easily be sucked past the guide and thrown across the room. Do not operate this tool wearing gloves which can be caught between the belt and the guides. When grinding parts can quickly become incredibly hot, submerging the part periodically in water can help prevent overheating the part.

Operating Procedures

Reference Documentation

Training Documentation

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