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Neytech Qex Furnace

Neytech Furnace
Tool Type: Vacuum Furnace
Location: Microfluidics Lab
Description: Small programmable furnace (1200 C) with vacuum optional
Manufacturer: Neytech


This is an automatic furnace, ideal for material annealing. Six different programs can be created, each with their own temperature and gas flow. The device is normally stored in the Microfluidics Lab and must be moved to a bench top for operation. Contact the lab manager if you would like to use it.

Safety Concerns

High Heat Hazard - Never operate furnace near combustibles. Always wear thermally insulated gloves when transferring samples out of the furnace.

Pinching Hazard - Be careful when closing the top assembly, known as the muffle. It's possible to pinch your fingers/hands when closing. It is also possible to damage you sample if any part of your sample hangs off of the interior platform.

Operating Procedures

See attached operating manual for detailed operation.

General Operation
1) Set up the furnace on an appropriate counter top. Make any desired vacuum or nitrogen connections.
2) Plug the furnace in and power on.
3) Set up your desired program.
4) Open the muffle by pressing the double up arrow.
5) Load your sample onto the platform, ensuring that none of you sample hangs over the edge.
6) Close the muffle and run your program.
7) When finished, move the muffle up, remove your sample, and power down the furnace.

Detailed Specifications

See attached manual for complete specifications

Chamber Platform Diameter: 4 in (10 cm)
Chamber Height: 2.5 in (6.3 cm)
Max Temp: 1200 C

Reference Documentation

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