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FormLabs Form3 3D Printers

Form 2/3
Tool Type: 3D printer
Location: Innovation Workshop
Description: Stereolithographic 3D printer
Manufacturer: Formlabs


The Form3 Printers are located in the Innovations Workshop in Fume Hood #2 in 2448.

The FormLabs printers are liquid resin stereolithographic 3D printers capable of producing high resolution accurate models out of a variety of materials. Liquid resin printers use a bath of reactive resin which is precisely cured using specific wavelengths of light. This printer is particularly well suited for thin high aspect ratio features and models requiring great surface accuracy.

Based on the material and application, some prints will benefit from post process UV curing to strengthen and harden the finished part. See part curing documentation in UV FormCure reference documentation.

Both the resin cartridges and build platforms are cross compatible with both the Form 2 as well as the newer Form 3 3D printers however the build tanks are not interchangeable. Types of resins are distributed between the Form 2 and Form 3 based on frequency used as well as which benefit from the low force SLA process employed by the Form 3 and should not be swapped without consultation with the staff.

Resin expires a year after the date printed on the cartridge.

Safety Concerns

The resin used in the FormLabs 3D printers is considered hazardous. Gloves are to be warn when replacing or removing build plates, build tanks, and resin cartridges. Refer to SDS for disposal and health hazards.

Training Documentation


Detailed Specifications

Build Volume: 14.5 x 14.5 x 17.5 cm (L x W x H)
X,Y Accuracy: ~150 ish microns
Layer Thickness: 25-300 microns
Printable Materials: Standard resin (clear or available colors), Durable resin, Flexible resin

Reference Documentation

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