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3D print water jet cleaning station

PolyJet Waterjet
Tool Type: “Post processing/Cleaning”
Location: “Microfluidics Lab”
Supervisor Tool Lead
David Bothman
(805) 893-4125
Description: “Waterjet Cleaner”
Manufacturer: “Stratasys ”


This waterjet cleaner is mainly used to clean the support material off Objet prints. Parts should typically be scraped clean with the waterjet cleaner only used to remove material in hard to reach areas and micropores within the RGD 450.


Detailed Specifications

  • Water consumption: less then 12 L/min
  • 85-88 dB when operating

Safety Concerns

  • Lid should remain latched and closed whenever the machine is on
  • Water should be shut off to the machine imminently after cleaning is finished to avoid accidental flooding
  • Cracked protective gloves should imminently be replaced
  • Do not operate water jet outside of sealed container

Reference Documentation

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