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Nuaire Laminar Flow Hood

Nuaire Laminar Flow Hood
Tool Type: Laminar Flow Cabinet
Location: Elings 3430
Supervisor Tool Lead
Brian Dincau Brian Dincau
(805) 724-0426‬ (805) 724-0426‬
Description: Laminar Flow Cabinet with CDA, Nitrogen, Vacuum, and 110/120V AC outlets
Manufacturer: NuAire


A laminar flow cabinet is an enclosed workbench meant for minimizing contamination of samples while working. Air is drawn through HEPA filters and into the hood through its ceiling. This clean air helps to ensure minimal dust and debris inside the hood volume.

Detailed Specifications

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Safety Concerns

Due to the direction of airflow, the sample is protected from the user, but the user is not protected from the sample. This is the primary distinction between a laminar flow hood and a chemical fume hood. Therefore, it is not safe to use volatile chemicals in a laminar flow hood. Instead, that sort of work should be done in one of the chemical fume hoods available in both the Microfluidics Lab and Innovation Workshop.

Operating Procedures

When using the hood, work with the sash as low as comfortable. This will ensure a cleaner working environment.

There is a light switch located on the left side of the hood. As well as a switch for the 110/120V outlet. Please ensure that these are turned off when not in use.

If you leave anything set up in the hood, please leave a note including your name, a description of the setup, contact info, and an estimated end time.

Reference Documentation

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Training Documentation

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