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Workshop Wizard Resources

Workshop Wizards are undergraduate students who maintain the labs, provide training to users, design new tools, and build parts for users. This page serves as a reference for documentation specific to lab employees and should not need to be referenced by general lab users.

Workshop Wizard Handbook

The Weekly Cleaning Guide serves as a general resource for the weekly cleaning and maintenance performed by the Workshop Wizards. This must be completed once a week to insure tools are kept in like new condition and the lab is kept stoked, organized, and clean for all users.

The Workshop Wizard Inventory Checklist should be checked every week and done alongside the weekly cleaning. It lists all frequency used consumables and their suppliers along with the necessary number of each item. Should current inventory fall below the minimum quantity of items, Gateway should be used to purchase new consumables.

Workshop Wizard Wiki Guide

PLEASE ONLY EDIT IF YOU CAN IMPROVE A PAGE. microfluidics_and_innovation_workshop_wiki_guide.pdf

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