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Workshop Wizard Training Process Outline


1. Use requests training on a tool via email or online line

2. Dave or WW adds user's request to training spreadsheet.

3. Instructor is assigned (Dave or WW).

4. Instructor corresponds with trainees to find a date and time that works for everyone.

5. If there is space in the class for more students, let WW know about the opportunity. Also OK to email users who might be interested.


6. On the day of training:

  1. Trainees sign in.
  2. Instructor completes the training.
  3. Instructor updates training spreadsheet.
    • Move the sign-in from the current training class tab to the past training tab.
    • If a trainee misses the training, leave their name on the current training tab for a new class with the date and instructor TBD.


7. Immediately after training, instructor:

  1. Adds trainees to appropriate FBS group(s).
  2. Puts training sign-in sheet in Dave's door box (3227 Elings).
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