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CNSI Microfluidics Lab & Innovation Workshop COVID-19 Scheduling Information

Recent announcements

  • Occupancy limits replaced by required 1.8m (6ft) separation

Instructions for COVID-19 access to Elings Hall and the Innovation Workshop and Microfluidics Lab

  • Sign the attestation that you have read the above documents and agree to follow the rules. Sign the attestation digitally and email it to
  • Card key access: If you had Elings Hall and Microfluidics Lab/Innovation Workshop access before COVID, or if you are a new user you need to apply for access to the exterior doors and the relevant labs (Innovation Workshop - 2448 Elings, Microfluidics Lab, 3430 Elings at the CNSI access request site.
  • When you apply for card key access we will add you to the FBS reservation system so that you can reserve time in the labs (see scheduling information section above). Remember that you need to reserve the room and the tools that you will be using while in the lab.

Contact Information

Laboratory issues:
David Bothman, Lab Manager

Building Access
Bob Hanson

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