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Thinky ARE-310 Mixer

Thinky Mixer
Tool Type: PDMS
Location: Microfluidics Lab
Description: PDMS mixing tool
Manufacturer: Thinky

Last updated 9/13/22 Haley


The Thinky Mixer is one of the PDMS tools in the Microfluidics lab. This machine is used for mixing and de-aerating the elastomers that are used in fabrication of microfluidic devices. The mixing time and revolution speed of the device can be programmed using the machine’s controller interface.

Safety Concerns

Goggles, gloves, a lab coat, long pants, and close-toed shoes should be worn while operating this machine. Long hair should be tied back. Review Sylgard 184 resin SOP before handling.

Training Documentation

Detailed Specifications

  • 310g capacity
  • Centrifugal force of over 400G
  • Cold-insulated, heat-resistant adapter enables support of various material characteristics
  • Memory and step-operation functions for controlling and executing operating condition
  • 2 modes of mixing and deaeration achieve dispersion and deaeration of high-viscosity materials in a small amount of time

Reference Documentation

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