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Refilling Solvent Squirt Bottles


  • Do all chemical work inside the fume hood
  • Wear a lab coat, safety glasses, and gloves while performing this operation.
  • Acetone will permeate nitrile gloves, but it is not harmful to skin. Do not ingest Acetone or IPA.


  1. Identify solvent bottles to be replenished. Clear a workspace in the fume hood large enough to accommodate the bottles and the 4L jug of solvent.
  2. Retrieve the correct solvent from the cabinets underneath the fume hoods.
  3. Remove the squirt bottle lids. The solvent bottle carrying tray is a convenient place to rest the lids.
  4. Open the solvent jug and fill the squirt bottles to the textured line. Pour slowly to avoid splashing.
  5. Replace the lid on the solvent jug and return the solvent jug to the storage underneath the fume hood.
  6. Replace the squirt bottle lids.
  7. Acetone has a lower vapor pressure than air and will discharge fluid when the lid is replaced. Prepare kim wipes before replacing the squirt bottle lids, and direct the nozzles away from any equipment.
  8. Clean up any remaining acetone, replace the squirt bottles in their carrying tray, and lower the fume hood sash.
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