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Recharge Rates

The Microfluidics Lab and Innovation Workshop recharge is based on the time spent using tools or space in the lab. This is measured using reservations in FBS. Therefore, all lab use must be recored through FBS reservations.

For active use of the lab, which includes tools like the microscope, machine tools, laser cutter, etc., your reservation time should match the time that you spend working in the lab.

For passive tools, such as the silane chamber and 3D printers, your reservation time should match the total time that your tool is in use. (i.e. the total duration of the print or the total duration of silane deposition)

The current rates are:

Internal Rate External Rate
Staff Assistance $20 / hr $60 / hr
Manager Assistance $65 / hr $170 / hr
Silane Chamber $3 / hr $9 / hr
Objet30 Pro Polyjet Printer $12.80 / hr + material $36.52 / hr + material
F270 and Form3 Printers $3 / hr + material $9 / hr + material
Ultimaker 3D Printers $1.50 / hr + material $6 / hr + material
Sonoplot $33.50 / hr $90 / hr
Waterjet $40 / hr $90 / hr
Active Use (All other tools) $19.30 / hr $60 / hr

* Approved Incubator companies are charged the campus user rate

Raw materials used for fabrication in CNSI labs are billed at-cost for internal users.

To get a better sense of 3D print pricing, please see estimating the cost of 3D prints

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