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Harrick Plasma Cleaner PDC-32G

Plasme Cleaner
Tool Type: “Cleaning Tool”
Location: “Microfluidics Lab”
Supervisor Tool Lead
David Bothman “WW Name”
(805) 893-4125 (###) ###-#### “WW Email”
Description: “TEXT HERE”
Manufacturer: “TEXT HERE”


The Harrick PDC-32G is a compact table top plasma cleaner for nanoscale surface cleaning and activation of small samples. The attached PlasmaFlo gas mixer allows for quantitative control of up to two different process gasses and monitoring of the vacuumed pressure within the chamber.

Training Documentation

Detailed Specifications

  • 3 stage adjustable RF power settings
  • Max RF power: 18W
  • Chamber size: 3“ diameter x 6.5” Pyrex chamber
  • Valve threads: 1/8 NPT


Brian Dincau found that the following recipe does a good job enhancing PDMS-PDMS bonding:

  • Power - High
  • Pressure - 450 mTorr
  • Duration - 30s
  • Nitrogen flow - adjust as needed to maintain desired pressure.

Safety Concerns

Reference Documentation

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