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Novascan Ozone Cleaner

Novascan Ozone Cleaner
Tool Type: UV Ozone Chamber
Location: Elings 3430
Supervisor Tool Lead
Brian Dincau Brian Dincau
(805) 724-0426‬ (805) 724-0426‬
Description: Chamber with UV bulb and adjustable platform.
Manufacturer: Novascan


From the manufacturer: “Novascan UV Ozone Cleaners have proven to be highly effective for non-acidic, dry, non-destructive atomic cleaning and removal of organic contaminants using intense 185 nm and 254 nm ultraviolet light. In the presence of oxygen, the 185 line produces Ozone and while the 254 line excites organic molecules on the surface. This combination drives the rapid destruction and decimation of organic contaminants.”

Detailed Specifications

Platform volume - about 9“ x 9” x 4“
Lamp type - mercury vapor
No temperature control

Safety Concerns

Ultraviolet Radiation Hazard - Due to a device interlock, the UV bulb is only on when the chamber is closed.
Pinching Hazard - Careful when closing the lid to avoid pinching fingers.
Electrical Hazard - No liquids allowed.

Operating Procedures

1) Open the chamber lid.
2) Adjust the sample platform and place your sample. Ensure that your sample has ample clearance above, to avoid crushing the expensive UV bulb. (Use the nearby ruler with tape indicator).
3) Set the timer to begin exposure.
4) Exposure is complete when time ends. Open the lid, remove your sample, then close the lid.

Reference Documentation

Training Documentation

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