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Mini Drill Press

Mini Drill Press
Tool Type: “Drilling Tool”
Location: “Innovations Workshop”
Supervisor Tool Lead
David Bothman
(805) 893-4125
Description: “Drilling Press”
Manufacturer: “Cameron”


Micro drill press for use with small tools and drill bits on precision or fine work pieces. Features an unlimited speed control motor with high torque at low RPM.


Detailed Specifications

  • 1/7 HP DC motor
  • 1000-30,000 RPM variable speed control
  • Capable of drilling .002“ to 5/32”
  • Spindle run out within .0002“
  • 4” X 4“ work table
  • J0 spindle taper

Safety Concerns

  • Safety glasses, close toe shoes, and long pants must be warn when operating the machine
  • Metal chips can be incredibly sharp, do not touch any chips directly instead using an acid brush to remove chips
  • Do not inhale any fumes resulting from drilling using oil
  • Do NOT wear gloves during operation of machine
  • Do not touch tool or spindle until the machine has stopped completely

Reference Documentation

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