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36W 365 nm UV Exposure System

36W 365 nm UV Exposure System
Tool Type: UV Exposure Chamber
Location: Elings 3430
Supervisor Tool Lead
Brian Dincau Brian Dincau
(805) 724-0426‬ (805) 724-0426‬
Description: Enclosed chamber with UV Bulb and Turntable
Manufacturer: KAIS


Small UV enclosure, primarily for curing of resins and resists.

Detailed Specifications

Safety Concerns

Ultraviolet Radiation Hazard - UV bulb should only be on when door is closed.
Heat Hazard - UV Bulb can get hot with long use, care to avoid touching it when removing a sample.

Operating Procedures

1. Open the chamber door.
2. Position substrate.
3. Close chamber door.
4. Set timer for exposure.

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