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Users can estimate the cost of 3D prints made in the CNSI workshops by calculating the volume of their part in cubic centimeters (cc) and then using these rules of thumb:

  • FDM prints made on the Ultimaker printers: ~$0.20 per cc
  • FDM prints made on the Stratasys F270: ~$0.20 per cc + $10 if a new build tray is used
  • SLA prints made on the Formlabs printers: ~$0.50 per cc
  • Polyjet prints made on the Objet 30 Pro: ~$1.00 per cc + $11.44
  • SLA prints made on the MiiCraft* printer: ~$1.14 per cc

Note: the MiiCraft printer's small build envelope and high resolution is best suited to making microfluidic molds

Ultimaker's Cura and Formlabs' PreForm are both free to download and will calculate the volume of your part as well as increase your familiarity with the software.

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