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The lab, located in room 3430 Elings Hall, is a campus-wide resource for fabricating microfluidic devices.
Phone: 805-893-7186

COVID-19 Phase III Operations


Access: New users must complete a safety orientation before working in the lab. Training is available for all tools. Please contact Dave Bothman, to begin using the lab.

Access instructions for industrial users



Lab Safety Orientation Handout

Chemical Hygiene Plan

SOPs and template for new SOPs

List of approved chemicals, MSDS sheets, instructions for bringing new chemical in the lab

Links to lab safety and MSDS websites

EHS Web SiteĀ 

Prudent Practices in the Laboratory, National Academy Press

MSDS Sheets on-linew

Training materials

Lab orientation handout

Lab orientation signup and training checklist

Laser cutter training outline

Sherline drill training outline

Objet printer handout

Objet printer outline

Laurel spinner checklist


List of useful supplies and vendors


Photo Tool Resources Training
Laurell Spinner Laurell WS-650M spin coater

Spin coater Manual - UCSB access only

Spin 3000 Programming Manual - UCSB access only

Quick Start Installation Instructions -UCSB access only

Programming Worksheet
Laurell Home Page
Laurell TV

Trotec Speedy 100 Trotec Speedy 100

Training and Operation Manual - read before using

Laser manual - read before using

Job control software manual

Exhaust system manual

Service manual

Synrad Laser Processing of Plastics slides

ME158 laser lab handout

Using the Trotec laser from Solidworks

Fisher Acumet AB 15 Fisher Acumet AB15 pH meter

Standardization procedure

Manual - read before using

PSDP-UVT Benchtop UV-Ozone Cleaner for ultraviolet ozone treatment of AFM Probes and Semiconductor Applications Novascan Ozone cleaner Manual - read before using  
Planetary Centrifugal Mixer  Thinky ARE-310 Mixer Manual - read before using Mixer Video
Mill Flashcut / Sherline CNC Mill

Operator's Manual (read before training)

Tutorial for new Flashcut users

Flashcut software manual v2.1

Flashcut CNC Software v4.5

Catalog and sample PO for ordering diamond drill bits

CNC Drill Start Page (in progress)

Simple procedure for drilling microscope slides

Sample G73 code file

Electro-Technic BD-20AC
Corona Treater
BD20-AC Manual  
Neytech Qex Furnace Manual  
Nuaire Laminar Flow Hood Manual  
New Era Syringe Pumps Manual  
Cascade REL 4800 probe station Manual  
Objet 30 pro Objet 30 Pro

Operator's manual

Operator training course

Post processing guide

Part cleaning with Sodium Hydroxide

Head cleaning video

Link to Objet page listing available resins

Notes on using the Objet to make molds for casting Silgard 184

Olympus AX70 Olympus AX-70

User Manual

Fluorescence microscopy

Phase contrast microscopy

User guidelines

Keyence VHX-5000 Keyence VHX-5000 Microscope

User manual is in the drawer by the scope

Quick start guide

Intermediate quick start guide

Produce brochure

VHX lens catalog

Exporting saved files to csv format

Link to Keyence desktop software on Box

File format converter

Pixel size table for calibrating CSV data

Thermoline 1315M Furnace

Operator and Maintenance Manual

Eurotherm 2116 Controller Manual

Haas Super Mini Mill

Operator's Manual

Programming Manual

Advanced Programming Manual

Programming Workbook

Touch probe manual

Installation manual

36W 365 nm UV exposure system Specifications  
Corning hot plate Corning 6795-620D Hot Plate Manual  

Leonardo user manual v 4.6




3-Video-Demo-PRIMO-Switching on

4-Video-Demo-PRIMO-Starting-Calib-Leonardo v4-4

5-Video-Demo-PRIMO-Tube lens-Leonardo v4-4

6-Video-Demo-PRIMO-Photopatterning-Leonardo v4-4





Loctite guide to bonding polymers

Sukuru's PDMS recipe for casting in petri dishes


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